John Davy (Chief Executive Officer)

John principally oversees all operations, makes final decisions for all acquisitions and deals with investors. After a career in retail management, John joined Jongleurs in 1985 and as co-owner managed the expansion of the clubs from the single unit to a chain of eight, which were then sold to Regent Inns plc. John also operates a substantial portfolio of commercial property, mainly retail developments.

Paul Mahon (Managing Director)

Paul controls the day-to-day running of Mentor Inns, as well as performing due diligence on all deals. Paul has been heavily involved in the pub industry for over 25 years working along side major PubCos, investment groups and individual ownerships. His experience covers all aspects of the trade from being owner/multi-operator, group builder, and licensed broker-valuer. A Fellow of The British Institute of Innkeepers, he deals with all negotiations regarding acquisitions and leasehold interests.